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Dot Global Group Ltd will meet all your services:


Shipping Agency: We take responsibilities for the shipments/cargo handling and the general interest of our customers at ports and harbour. Our customers for shipping operations are;

  • Ship owners & managers: As vessels move from Port to Port where the owners may not have visible representative, the services of a capable agent is required for reports/updates on activities at the various discharge/destination ports, essential crew & vessel supplies, arranging for repairs, crew transfers/change, liaise with the insurance company and other services as may be required by the vessel owners. 
  • Charterers: We make the necessary arrangements required for berthing and discharge our customers’ shipment ranging from documentation to full end to end operations.


Crew Change Management: We on behalf of vessel owners manage the crew signers on-off.


Ship Chandelling:We take the responsibilities and inconveniences of the crew of finding stores and local currency in the discharge/loading ports.  One of our distinguishing feature as Ship chandlers is our quality service delivery, on time-in full services to match the urgent need of vessels due to turn around time. We specialises in supplies for ships/crew as follows;


  • Provisions: dry, fresh, frozen, canned - meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, dairy products, etc.


  • Bonded stores: gin, whisky, vodka, beer, cigarettes, tobacco, cigers, soft drinks, wines, cosmetics, perfumes, etc. 


  • Deck stores: pilot ladders, mooring ropes, anchor chains, lashing and securing equipment, steel wire, manila rope and polyprop (with certificates), hand flares, parachute rockets, man overboard, line throwing devices, hatch cover sealing tapes and sealing profiles for MacGregor hatches and others, etc.


  • Office supplies: typewriter, fax, telex and Navtex paper, pencils, paperclips, text markers, printer cartridges, etc. 


  • Nautical publications and Instruments: British Admiralty charts, pilot books, binoculars, transceivers, radio stations, etc.


  • Electrical stores: navigation bulbs, halogen bulbs, Aldis bulbs, mercury lamps, electrical cable, soldering irons, etc. Suppliers of Aceyelyne Gas, Oxygen, Freon ,Fresh Water. 


  • Engine stores: from hammers, screws, screwdrivers, nails, teflon tape, iron and copper plates and bars, etc. to main and auxiliary engine spare parts such as pistons, cylinder heads, fuel valves, crankshafts, and quality replacement of spare parts.


  • Vessel bunker: Supplies of vessel request including midstream requests for AGO and fuel oil.


  • Linerbags: linerbags for 20' and 40' containers


     Transport/Haulage Services: Our clients has the confidence that their goods and shipment are hauled safely to destination


Licensed Industrial Waste Management and Scrap purchase & Sale: Waste to wealth is one of our core businesses


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This is the best decision I have ever made. I entrusted Dot global Group with my Ship Care.
I was not disappointed. They are truly the real deal

Mark Kleen

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Our Service at a Glance

  • Provisions
  • Bonded stores
  • Deck stores
  • Office supplies
  • Nautical publications and Instruments: 
  • Electrical stores
  • Engine stores
  • Linerbags
  • Warehousing